Twenty ‘19 in review

David (drbh) Holtz
15 min readJan 4, 2020


This past year has been amazing. Packed with adventures, lessons and love. In this article I want to reflect on my experiences and try to draw some themes from those.

☂ Basic grouping

Most of my experiences can be grouped into one of the following umbrella topics

  • 🏡 Home
  • 🌏 World
  • 🗣 Communication


This year our apartment became a home. We painted and refurbished. We, well lead by Sakura — completely converted this heavy post WWII brick building into a clean/productive and warm place.

Renovations included removing some tiles, spackling and flattening water warped walls, some door knob and hinge doctoring. We installed a cat door and hung shelves. Overall it was fun, stressful but mostly rewarding and warming.

We brought new items into our home that have drastically improved life. The Alexa Echo Show — such a help in the kitchen and great speaker. The Dyson Animal vacuum, which for months now has made cleaning a game. My “press a button” get fancy coffee machine. As well as personal items like Sakura’s prized Sony A7 and a new iPad for me 😊

Generally I would push away from material objects and say something like “they’re not what bring you happiness”, but I do value a good tool and would defend that. It took me some time to sufficiently exercise my tool spotting muscle.

‘19 was a time of fixing ones space to best meet their needs. A happy, productive, growing home. Good people with good items inside good walls.

World 🗺

This was a world heavy year. 3 continents, an island, the top of mountains and a full range of salty oceans and seas.

⚠️ warning a lot of great photos ahead

Sakura and I started the year in southern Spain in the city of Malaga. Where interestingly – you are suppose to eat 12 grapes at midnight (consume in a responsible amount of time).



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